CH276 Stria

Multiple striations of light are created by a central stem and 3 light stems with an E26 socket on each end of each stem, create an interesting and unique lighting creation. Each is adjustable where each stems meets the central stem. Field adjusting of heights and angulation and rotation of each light source is easily accomplished. Beautiful quality aged Brushed Brass or Black finish.

Arms can be tilted or flattened through simple field adjustment. The widest width acheived with stems is 41", increasing angulation makes the fixture width less when all 3 stems are angled. 

Several vintage LED Bulbs from Penny Lane Collection can be specified. Bulbs are offered in amber, clear and smoke glass. Smoke glass is only offered for S165 Bulb. 

Ships with stems: (3 pcs.) 12", (1 pc.) 6", (1 pc.) 3". For custom lengths, consult customer service.

Product #
Model Finish Lamp Bulb C.

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